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GORAN BARE & MAJKE garage MSU / open air

The great Goran Bare and Majke are coming to the open air space of the MSU garage in Novi Zagreb on September 26 to put an end to the ever weirder and harder season of music events.

With a limited capacity of just 700 tickets on sale, Bare and Mother will take the audience through a rich catalog of rock classics that span more than 3 decades now. It will be an opportunity to present the current single "Born for Tears" live to the Zagreb audience, announcing a new studio album planned for 2021.

"The synopsis of the video is conceived as 'baptism', ie catharsis for the forgiveness of that only sin, as the text says – births for tears that do not flow. The black water symbolizes years of hard life, and the solo section in the middle of the song is meditation during a dive and confrontation with oneself. In the end, those tears that do not manifest provoke anger and release of emotions through the symbol of rain that permeates the entire video "- described the idea of the video director Filip Gržinčić and brilliantly rounded off everything that the new Barrett's song is about. At least he signs the music and lyrics himself, while Mario Rasic is responsible for the arrangement.

The concert of Barrett and Mikey will be held adhering to all the epidemiological rules currently in force.


early bird: 100 kn regular (from September 20): 120 kn on the day of the concert: 140 kn

The official points of sale are Dirty Old Shop (Tratinska 18), Rockmark (Berislavićeva 13), Aquarius CD Shop (Varšavska 13) and all Eventim points of sale online .

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