Archived: Fairytale for outside: Little Red Riding Hood, grandmother and wolf


Concept and direction : Poco Loco Theater Text : Dunja Fajdić, Maja Katić, Zrinka Kušević Music, lyrics and sound design : Ivana Đula and Luka Vrbanić Cello playing : Petar Đula Vrbanić Audio recording : Ivan Biondić Costume design : Dunja Vuković Illustrations and graphic design : Luka Duplančić Narrators and actors : Dunja Fajdić, Maja Katic, Zrinka Kušević, Dean Krivačić

Duration: 40 minutes / Premiere: December 12, 2020 / Age: 5+

In this slightly crazy theatrical event, young and old spectators with headphones on their ears enjoy the music, follow the story and walk through the forest played by Park Ribnjak. Their favorite characters from the fairy tale take them on this cheerful and witty walk: Little Red Riding Hood, Wolf and Grandma. Each character tells their story the way he experienced it, and when they finally meet, they will have to agree on what the real truth is. A Fairy Tale Outside is a play in which everyone actively participates, fulfilling creative and educational tasks; they practice karate with Vuk, paint flowers with Little Red Riding Hood and help their grandmother tell a fairy tale about a long-nosed princess and a dragon. We enjoy the beauty of our amazing Ribnjak park, breathe fresh air and run, dance, paint, clap, hang, sing, search and find!

You can watch the fairy tale outside in one of 3 groups: a) the group "Little Red Riding Hood" b) the group "Wolf" c) the group "Grandma" Choose in which group you want to watch the show and buy your tickets !

The play is held outdoors in Ribnjak Park. Meeting place: terrace in front of the Ribnjak Youth Center no later than 15 minutes before the start of the show.

Age: 5 + / Children up to 10 years should be accompanied by an adult. During the entire performance, the use of headphones is mandatory, and the performance is monitored during an interactive walk through the Ribnjak Park.

Clothing and footwear: spectators are asked to dress according to the weather and wear shoes to stay in nature.

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