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35th Youth Salon – Millennial

  • 21.10. – 6.12.2020.
  • Opening: October 21st, 7 pm, HDLU

Youth Salon – the largest and most respectable exhibition event for visual artists under 35, which has presented several thousand artists in Croatia for more than 50 years, opens on October 21, 2020 at 7 pm in the HDLU House (Meštrović Pavilion).

This year’s edition of Millennial is based on the concept of curator Nika Šimičić and deals with the generation of millennials characterized by the digital age, globalization, social networks, perceptual saturation, egocentrism, hyperproduction of products and feelings and the eternal search for meaning and awareness of social problems and ecology.

The jubilee 35th edition, in addition to Meštrović’s pavilion, is expanding to 5 more locations where the exhibition Situation by curator Anita Ruso (Forum Gallery, Canvas Gallery, Urania) and the Venientes exhibition (Shira Gallery) organized by the Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb will be on display. part of the program will take place in the premises of the company Ortoforma. The salon will thus include more than 100 young artists working in the medium of painting, sculpture, graphics, installations, multimedia, performance, photography, video and film.

The Youth Salon traditionally generates new artistic names on the scene and, through a rich system of awards, valorizes and positions the youngest generation of visual artists. Within the official competition, 3 HPB cash prizes are awarded, while outside the competition, numerous professional prizes are awarded according to the selection of the most prominent Croatian museum and gallery institutions, which, through a solo exhibition, encourages and ensures the continuity of young artists, as well as profiled prizes awarded by private donors for the purpose of providing financial support to young authors.

All additional information is available on the new website of the Salon of Youth, while on the Facebook and Instagram profile, in addition to current events, numerous interesting facts about the history of the Salon and millennials are available.

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