This is the most bizarre exhibition of the year



Author: Matina Tenžera

It opens in Lauba on July 3 and remains open until August 25, and the artist is world-renowned

Whoever misses this exhibition will never forgive themselves. The "Narrow House", signed by Austrian artist Erwin Wurm , arrives in Laub on Friday, July 3.

Instead of describing what this is about, it's best to show you a few photos.

a narrow house in the laubakitchen wurm narrow housewurm bedroom narrow housewurm-bathroom

The artist actually recreated the family house in which he grew up, with slightly reduced dimensions. Otherwise, dimensional deformation is his specialty, not only with houses, but with the entire opus. In addition to the Narrow House, you will be greeted by several other Wurm's spectacular sculptures in Lauba.

But that’s not all from Wurm!

Apart from Uska kuća, this world-renowned and well-known artist also has Debela kuća, but on this occasion she will wait for another moment for the Croats to host her. His works may seem infantile, but their importance and significance are just the opposite. Namely, it is a critique of the Western mentality and way of life.