Musical evening in Lauba's summer garden with Elma Burnić

Author: Matina Tenžera

Music & Mingling Night by Elma

In the garden of Laube – House for People and Art on Thursday, July 23, 2020, from 8 pm, visitors can expect a kind of summer farewell from the hot Zagreb. Elma Burnić, vocalist of the Zagreb Filmmusicorchestra, will take the audience through the world of music art this Thursday in the beautiful and peaceful Lauba summer garden.

Elma Burnić also performs film music, jazz-sevdah and Brazilian jazz

Elma Burnić, an architect by the way, is a well-known Zagreb singer-songwriter who has won domestic and foreign music awards for her authorial and interpretive work in numerous music projects. With her energy and sensuality of interpretation, but also with her author's work, Elma attracts attention with her independent projects and performances with the parent band of the Filmmusicorkestra. Film music, jazz-sevdah, Brazilian jazz or the last independent project Elma sings Jadranka (Stojaković) make up Elma's musical expression, which she brings by singing in 11 world languages.

There will be a premiere of Elma’s new single soon

Elma's new single "Svjetluca mirno more" will soon be released, which will be found on her debut album released by Croatia Records . "Shining calm sea" will have its premiere at this year's Šibenik Chanson Festival.