Yards are opening in three new locations



Author: Matina Tenžera

In five locations, three of which are completely new, over even two more days – a total of 12! – The courtyards reveal the hidden secrets of the Upper Town again!

Don't miss this summer – Dvorišta! From Wednesday 13.7. until Sunday 24.7. this favorite summer event reveals Zagreb as you have never experienced it before and allows everyone to peek behind the facades of the magical Upper Town palaces. And this season, as part of the Courtyard, there will really be something to experience.

The courtyards bring two locations premiered in 2019 as part of the National House of HAZU: the upper representative courtyard on Opatička (Opatička 18) and the lower, hidden and special one, overlooking Radićeva Street (Dvoranski prečac 1).


Three new locations are opening

The courtyard of the Observatory in the Popov Tower (on the top of Opatička), as well as the Archaeological Garden, the northern courtyard of the Zagreb City Museum (with an entrance from the courtyard of the Observatory). Finally, Dvorište premieres a location that could prove to be a special hit already this season. The courtyard of the Erdödy-Keglević Palace at Ćirilometodska 4, which today houses one of the residences of the Faculty of Law, and was once the last home of the leader of the Croatian Revival Ljudevit Gaj and the site of his famous Illyrian printing house.

There is no doubt that Dvorište will bring a lot of musical pleasures and challenges this season, and at a time when many events are turning to DJs and simpler solutions, Dvorište remains true to its agenda and wants to maintain its status as a real summer stage for young musical talents.

The yards will be open two days longer

This season, the manifestation gives its visitors even two more days compared to ten days in previous years, and all the Courtyards, throughout the manifestation, will be filled with the sounds of good music that you should not miss. The daily programs will be published a few days in advance on the event's social networks, so the organizers invite all interested parties to follow them.

The event is open every day during its duration from 18:00 to 24:00 – with the exception of the location in Ćirilometodska, which is open from 19:00 to 24:00, and entrance to all areas is as before – free!