Two-day festival of stand up comedy



Author: Matina Tenžera

The venue is Rougemarin Park, and tickets have just gone on sale

Among the multitude of events that will mark the spring season in Zagreb, one stands out as the most entertaining. Headliners stand up comedy festival under the creative baton of Ivan Šarić, comes to Rougemarin Park and guarantees the craziest fun and funniest time! During two days with 8 of the most famous comedians from the region, this festival becomes a unique event in our area.

The first day of the festival

Performers on the first day

Friday, June 16, is reserved for the strong forces of the Croatian comedy scene. Vlatko Štampar, Goran Vinčić, Ante Travizi and host Ivan Šarić will be in charge of the all-night program in which they will show the best of stand-up. And while Štampar, as the first stand-up artist from Međimurje, will win the hearts of the audience with "unadapted" forums that all Croats visit, Goran Vinčić, the most energetic comedian of the Balkan stand-up scene, will show why he is an expert on the state of the nation and a master of improvisation. Ante Travizi, a Dalmatian who draws inspiration from everyday life, will mostly have fun with the topic of family, friends and male-female relationships, and the bearded Šarić will show his humor in which he touches on life in the Balkans, especially in Dalmatia, but also on political and regional topics up to a sarcastic look at himself.

The second day of the festival

Performers on the second day

Thus, on the second day of the festival, June 17, a quartet well-known throughout the region will take the stage in the beautiful surroundings of Rougemarin Park. The winner of the TV show "The Best Comedian of Serbia" from 2014 , Srđan Olman, will deal with his standard topics that the audience adores – socio-economic problems of today, but also history and problems during childhood, and he will be joined by a Belgrader whom the Zagreb audience likes knows – Srđan Jovanović , who often brings wit out of some unpleasant situations. Saturday will be made even more hilarious by Andrija Dabanović , the organizer of the "Opuč" festival in Podgorica and a name that wins the heart of forums imbued with childhood, growing up and the 'pains' of growing up, and Ranko Babić , proof that humor and irony from Slovenia are special, especially when she talks about the mid-life crisis year.

In addition to the phenomenal entertainment, the atmosphere of the festival itself is completely different from what we have seen so far. The favorite park on Folka will be transformed into three types of auditoriums – First row for laughter, First row for fun and First row for chilling.

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