Socially engaged plays for kids

Author: Matina Tenžera

Violence and fan groups, homosexuality, the education system and children's mental health, gender stereotypes, transgenerational trauma… Oh, the horror. A black man. Depra. We'd better (not) talk about it!

The Poco Loco Theater and the Knap Center announce a CYCLE OF PERFORMANCES AND CONVERSATIONS on taboo topics for children and young people entitled "WE BETTER (NOT) TALK ABOUT IT", which will be held from September 18 to 22, 2023 at the KNAP Center .

Violence and fan groups, homosexuality, the education system and children's mental health, gender stereotypes, transgenerational trauma… Oh, the horror. A black man. Depra. We'd better (not) talk about it! The schedule of performances is as follows:

18.9. at 7 p.m. Suzzane Lebeau: MALI OGAR, Poco Loco Theater

Little Ogar and his mother live in a cabin in the middle of the forest, far from life with others. Mali Ogar just turned six years old, so it's time to go to school. However, he soon realizes that he may be too special to fit in with his peers. His enormous size, mood swings and that mysterious desire for blood worry him greatly, so his mother, seeing that he is devastated, decides to tell him the truth that explains the origin of his behavior. He is an Ogre.

Mali Ogar is the story of a boy who begins a journey of transformation and growth. With a clear and open language in which children are considered as thoughtful beings, Mali Ogar becomes a story full of courage and tenderness. The message of this story affects not only the little ones but also the adults and tells about the way our descendants can overcome the laws of inheritance or the painful past

19.9. at 7 p.m. Johnna Adams: GIDEON'S KNOT, Fort Forno Theater

The play, set in a school, begins when the mother of a recently deceased student comes to meet her son's teacher. Initially, this was supposed to be a meeting of teachers and parents with representatives of the students and the school, so the teacher is surprised that the mother came to see her at all. The ensuing conversation deals with the relationship between grieving mother Corryn (Korina) and emotionally overwhelmed teacher Heather (Ružica). Corryn's son, a primary school student, committed suicide on the day he was expelled from school.

Gidion may have been severely abused or may have been an abuser who abused others. During the conversation, the women try to find out what led Gideon to the tragic act. It is a play that deals with many key issues related to the education system, the responsibility of teachers, freedom of expression, the roles of parents and teachers in an increasingly chaotic world.

Current problems of the school system, the rights and duties of teachers, parents and students are among the most urgent issues of contemporary society. We are firmly convinced that the theater should also deal with the pressing problems of our society.

20.9. at 7 p.m. Edmond Rostand – Guillermo Baldo: I CYRANO AND THE GIRL, Poco Loco Theater and HNK Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka

The play "And Cyrano and the Girl" is about love, about friendship, about moving and how hard they are for children, about a small, tiny lie that grows, grows, grows and becomes so big that it blisters and scratches you inside and you no longer know what is right and good and how it should be done. It also talks about what it's like to fall in love with someone you shouldn't.

What if a girl falls in love with a girl?

Should it be withheld and hidden or is it possible to be honest? This beautiful, emotional and wise text by the young Argentinian director Guillermo Baldo draws its inspiration from the story of Cyran de Bergerac, who was also involved in a lie, because he did not believe he deserved to be loved. We often focus on something that we are not happy with and that we are ashamed of and that we hide. Something that jumps out of the average and the usual. And then we create lies. The lies we use to hide our inner truth are the most painful, and that's why this play tries to open up a new possibility: the possibility of living our true being! Some people won't like it, but maybe it's not so bad to be who you are. Every child deserves to be loved and to love whoever they want.

21.9. at 7 p.m. Nina Horvat: THE COLOR OF EDUCATION, Theater Tirena

We live in a world that "gifts" us with a package of rules, instructions and expectations even before we are born. That package covers everything – from how we should look, how we should behave, how we should think and even what we should feel. It predetermines our position in society and prescribes what is allowed and what is forbidden.

Why are women's "packages" pink and men's blue? How did it come about that colors became gender markers? And what happens when Plava and Rozi decide one day that they have had enough of everything and try to quit their jobs?

"The Color of Education" is a play for teenagers that deals with gender roles and gender equality and problematizes harmful stereotypes associated with the male and female genders.

22.9. at 5:30 p.m. Paško Vukasović: HOOLIGAN, Small Stage

Grandstands. North. Match…