Movies and gigs in the yard of the Technical Museum

Author: Matina Tenžera

Hurry up to get tickets for the best and most carefree weekend event in Zagreb!

Two large screens in Drive in culture will welcome you from Friday 14 to Sunday, May 16, 2021 in the parking lot of Hall V behind the Technical Museum in Zagreb, and visitors will be able to enjoy entertainment with all the features of an unsurpassed show program. .

The musical part of the program

In the music part of the program, a unique and unrepeatable electro pop artist, the well-known Ida Prester, will arrive on stage on Friday. Her performance is accompanied by a specific and wacky aesthetic, and with its unpretentiousness it has an unusual power to infect the audience with endless positive energy. Generations have grown up and danced to the songs of her former band Lollobrigida, and new fans are already growing to the first bars of the current hits "Minuta", "Šansa" and "Sad" from her solo album.

Saturday is a day for Jan Kinčl, DJ, composer, producer and live-act performer whose first appearance on the club scene, back in 2000, completely changed the treatment of electronic music in the region. Jan Kinčl approaches the genres of house and techno with a special understanding of their traditional roots, so in his sets, like nowhere else, the healing power of this music for mind and body can be felt quite tangibly.

Rich musical background, long-term position at the very top of underground dance music as well as the tendency to push creative boundaries are the ID cards of Zagreb DJ Pepi Jogarde, who will turn the last Sunday evening into the splendor of various beats and remind all visitors with sounds how important it is to enjoy beauty. existence.

The film part of the program

It is worth reminding that the film program offers a unique opportunity to watch last year's winner of the Pula Film Festival, Tereza37 Danilo Šerbedžija and before the official cinema distribution, and the feature film program also includes an excellent film Mare directed by Andrea Štaka and Random luxury of transparent water puzzle, excellent animator and multimedia artist Dalibor Barić , a film that will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to feature films, the beginning of each evening brings the best of the best short films: the first Croatian feature film on the pandemic, In the Forest by Sara Grgurić , as well as festival winners, the Portuguese film Invisible Hero by Cristèle Alves Meira and the visually luxurious animated film Arka by Natko Stipaniceva .

Drive in culture takes place this weekend

Drive in culture pays special attention to its audience and is the only event that will not leave them empty-handed. The organizers from SABMARIN know very well that the soul and the body should be watered, so they have prepared gift packages for the complete experience, which are included in the ticket price, and we remind you that it is charged per car and not per person. With two films, a musical performance and charming hosts, visitors will find refreshment and a few surprises in their packages. An unrivaled weekend cultural event is ahead of us, don’t miss it!