Drive in festival travels around Croatia



Author: Matina Tenžera

Enriched with a carefully designed show program with convertible mascots and hosts, this festival is attractive to all generations

With warm May evenings, our biggest drive-in festival returns, and the citizens of Sisak will first enjoy the films and the accompanying program, completely free of charge!

Drive in culture will forever be remembered as an innovative first public event after the pandemic blockade of Zagreb in 2020, but the special feature of this festival, which ensures its long-term success, actually lies in the perfect blend of nostalgic part of American pop culture – drive in cinema from 1950. them and the pleasure of watching the top film titles of recent Croatian cinema. Enriched with a carefully designed show program with convertible mascots and entertainment hosts, this festival for visitors and their tin pets is attractive to all generations.

This year, everyone who finds themselves in Sisak (May 6 and 7), Pula (May 13 and 14), Osijek (May 20 and 14) will be able to experience a special experience of watching movies in the open air in the comfort of their own car. May) or Zagreb (May 27 and 28) .

Part of the film program

The program opens with the work of one of the most successful directors of the younger generation, a member of the new wave of Split, Josip Lukić. It is a short film Southern Fruit , a strong and courageous portrayal of female sexuality and modern masculinity within patriarchal society, shown through the masterful achievements of actors Tihana Lazović, Lana Barić and Paško Vukasović.

The short film is followed by a feature film of the evening, and it is the film Murina directed by Antoneta Alamat Kusijanović, which has won awards at world famous festivals such as Cannes, CinEast, Hamptons, Les Arcsam and the Pula Film Festival. In addition to an exciting story based on a family psychological drama, this film shot in the stunningly beautiful locations of Hvar, Koločep and Kornati is interesting in that it stars alongside actors such as Cliff Curtis, Leon Lučev and Danica Čurčić as the main protagonist. Filipović, then a seventeen-year-old girl for whom acting is not really a profession, and she achieved one of the most impressive female roles in Croatian film. The potential of this film was also noticed by the famous Martin Scorsesse, who is signed as one of the producers of Murina.