We bring you more than 20 prizes in 12 days



Author: Matina Tenžera

Every day you have the opportunity to snatch a variety of gifts from the world of going out

The condition for participating in Divan's Advent donation for 12 days will be to subscribe to our newsletter . In addition, in the comment below the post, you will mark the person you want, answer a simple question and two Facebook or Instagram profiles.

When you accomplish this, a great area of opportunity opens up to you. Opportunities to choose from several gifts from the world of going out every day.

Free booze and meals, tickets for various events, booze and clothes for the home, credit cards with money you can spend on whatever you want.

Doesn't sound bad, does it?

Well – wait until Tuesday 14.12. because then we start with the first of 12 days of giving. We publish several gifts that we share every day, and at the end of the same day you find out if you will become the owner of one of them.

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