We bring you the Cest is d 'Besta program

In the 24th edition, the favorite street festival will once again bring hundreds of hours of great programming

Cest is d Best is the oldest and largest street festival in Croatia, which has been held in Zagreb continuously since 1997, and in the last ten years it has significantly expanded its program and taken a very important place on the international festival scene.

In the 24th edition, the festival will offer visitors hundreds of hours of programs in which many music, stage and visual artists will express their skills and talents, as well as other citizens who will enrich a very interesting and diverse program by participating in various actions.

India in Zagreb – in famous locations

This year's main festival stages are located on Zrinjevac and the EU and Cvjetni Square , and citizens will also be able to experience performances by circus, visual and music artists in Bogovićeva, Gajeva, Praška and Tkalčićeva streets .

The partner country of this year's festival is India, so a particularly loud and colorful presentation of a part of Indian culture will be presented at the very beginning of Cest is d Best on Wednesday, August 19 during the festival procession.

The program for the youngest will be in Zrinjevac this year as well, where art, eco and educational workshops will be organized every day from 10:00, then all visitors will be able to learn basic circus skills such as juggling, spinning reels, walking the wire or dancing on silk. Theatrical, puppet and circus performances will be organized for children every day, and all visitors will have access to sports equipment for recreation and entertainment on the grass, and will be able to practice yoga or learn dance steps.

Music and a scavenger race on the streets of Zagreb

road scavenger race is d best

Evenings at Zrinjevac are mostly reserved for dances as well as performances by performers, and on Wednesday, August 19, the 24th Cest is d Best will be opened by the legendary Stjepan Jimmy Stanić .

Programs on the EU and Cvjetni Square will start in the afternoon, and the citizens of Zagreb and guests of the city who prefer concerts will find their entertainment zone on the EU Square, because there will be a stage where they will perform:

Bosak & The Second Hand Band (Thursday, 20.08.2020)

Mangroove (Friday, 21.08.2020)

Open air cinema (Saturday, 22.08.2020)

Girl & Boy (Sunday, 23.08.2020)

All concerts will begin at 9 p.m.

In the afternoon, Cvjetni trg will first offer visitors a few hours of gigs "directed" by street musicians at the so-called "Carpet stage", and the evening hours are reserved for performances by circus artists. This year, the festival will host about 10 foreign and about a hundred domestic music, visual and stage artists.

As part of the 24th Cest is d Best, a PluTrka will be held this year as well – a race of dogs and owners, a race of scavengers in tricycles, Pastelization and several other fun actions.

A detailed program will soon be available on the festival's website and FB page. With a lot of fun, visitors can expect a smaller number of restaurants this year, but with a very interesting choice of food, and the emphasis will be on healthy food.