Valentine events for those who want to be prepared



Author: Matina Tenžera

They say preparation is half the work done, so we're bringing you a list of Valentine's Day event suggestions just in time

Valentine's Day is getting closer, and for everyone who wants to impress someone that day (or a few days before/after), we bring you a few suggestions of the most interesting events for Valentine's Day 2024. If we missed any of them, don't forget to let us know by email at

If you want to sail into Valentine's Day at midnight, perhaps a good opportunity for romance will be the Natali Dizdar concert in Peti Kupe . One would say traditional, because Dizdar is an indispensable musician especially during Valentine's Day. This year it will be performed on February 13. As we said – exactly at midnight to be awake for Valentine's Day!

When you've slept through the romance, on February 14, jump into a time machine and remember why Vlada Divljan, the icon of the New Wave, is still as big a name in the world of music today. His songs are performed by the Novi Sad band (ne)normalni .

Big spectacles

symphonika on the rock valentinovo

Exactly on February 14, you always have the option to go (and maybe the other one) to one of the two concert spectacles. The first is held in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, and it is about the symphonic rock magic of Symphonika on the Rock . It is a performance that brings to life the greatest world hits in the history of rock music in a symphonic tone.

Another symphonic concert that is rarely organized in Croatia is the ABBA Symphonic Real Tribute Show . Let us remind you that the ABBA Symphonic Real Tribute Show has already sold out three times in Zagreb, twice in Lisinski and once in Cibona. This time they arrive at Boćarski dom.

Less is more

pinball machine

You may be more in the mood for more affordable, smaller-scale events. In that case, we will suggest you the theater play Kaj je ljubav, which is actually a combination of a cabaret and a play. The location is the jazz club of the Komedija Kontesa theater, and the topic is, of course, male-female relations. If you have already seen the show, try to get tickets for the Mad House. Because on Wednesday, February 14, surprisingly, the play – Marriage Therapy !

If you take your girlfriend or boyfriend to Katran on Flippermania , we are sure that you will both remember it. Even if the time is not the best. And it probably will be. Namely, there you will be greeted by a sea of pinball machines, all of which you can try, which means that you are actually going to an interactive exhibition.

Post-Valentine's party