Are you afraid? We bring you the TOP 7 events for Halloween

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Author: Matina Tenžera

The spooky year and the equally spooky side events that befell us are looking for the best recommendations for this year's Halloween – we bring you events you may not have expected

We laugh out loud when we remember the famous phrase about “the scariest night of the year”. Let’s be realistic, we’ve been living our scariest night for the last eight months, and this night will last for a while longer. But optimistic as we are, we bring you the TOP 5 event recommendations for this year’s Halloween.

Namely, not everything is so gray. You are in fear day by day, so it’s time for Saturday, October 31, to be a “feel good” day when you will be able to choose for yourself whether you are more interested in socializing outdoors or indoors and with or without music.

Recommended by: Matina Tenžera


vladimir dodig triangle

We don’t know about you, but this is one of the best decisions on the cultural scene, not only in Zagreb, but in the whole country. To open to the public a magnificent collection of artifacts collected during his lifetime by the distinctive conceptual artist and enfant terrible Vladimir Dodig Trokut . For those to whom this name means nothing, it is a feature of long hair and an even longer beard with an indispensable stick that has dedicated its life to collecting collectible works of art – from the dump. For decades, he tirelessly toured all the locations where seemingly useless and worthless things are otherwise discarded and collected or bought them cheaply, creating the most famous walking museum in the world – the Antimuseum.

He talked about his ideas without hiding, but the Antimuseum in physical form was never opened, and he placed his collection of tens of thousands of artifacts in 36 warehouses throughout Zagreb. After his sudden death two years ago, his faithful assistant Branka Prša decided to open the door of his apartment this year – precisely the location that is his unrealized Antimuseum.

To make the story better, the Antimuseum opens on October 31st, starting at 6 pm at Bauerova 19 . Creepy timing, but also a creepy story told by all the items he collected and kept in his basement apartment. There are animal and human teeth, cages and weapons, fine ornaments and bulky boxes, sods of hair and sacred objects, paintings and stuffed animals. Want an experience for this year’s Halloween? Direction – Bauer Street.


beer oktoberfest

Are you skeptical about everything? How is it possible that in these crazy times you can still experience small gastronomic pleasures? Take advantage of the good weather outdoors until the black winter begins and visit Strossmayer Square where the Green River Fest team hosted a small Oktoberfest. So the beer will flow in streams. The gap is kept, the hands are disinfected, the air is like in a story. So, instead of sitting on a bench in a nearby park, have a drink and – if you really insist, sit on a bench in a nearby park.

Don’t miss the opportunity to drink beer for the nerves …