Events that successfully cure hangovers



Author: Matina Tenžera

You don't have to spend the first day of 2023 in bed, because we find out where the best post-New Year's party in town is

We are happy to say that this year you will not have to wander around your home on New Year's Day. Unless you specifically ask for it, of course. However, today is a lucky day for everyone who is looking for an active pastime in order to recover as easily as possible after New Year's parties. We bring three solid events for different tastes.

With a hangover against a hangover

One of the funniest museums in Zagreb, the Hangover Museum is moving to a new address in a larger space . They are preparing the grand opening on January 1, from 10 am to 9 pm. By the way, this tiny museum moved from the former Preradovićeva to Vlaška ulica, and the organizers promise a much larger number of exhibits than there has been so far.

Otherwise, the museum is very interactive and fun, which is perhaps clear from the very name and its theme. In other words, if you gather your hungover friends at any time of the day and head over there, this might just be the most effective headache remedy for you.

Wedge is removed by Wedge?

This event will really be a good decision for those who will welcome the New Year under a blanket at home, but also for those who will close some of the clubs in Zagreb. In any case, the first concert of the year awaits you in the evening from 19:00 . The Frajle, who will normally play a New Year's concert a day earlier, will manage to gather their composure and perform an equally danced performance at the same place for all those who want to have a post-New Year's party.

Just relaxed

Whether you're religious or not, it's a beautiful and iconic show where a Christmas nativity scene comes to life right before your eyes. We are talking, of course, about the Living Nativity scene, a play in which the actors faithfully convey the story of Jesus' birth.

In previous years, these shows were held in front of the Zagreb Cathedral, but this year they are waiting for you in Opatovina. Try to wake up by 4 pm!

PS If you fall asleep, it's your last chance at Holy Trinity on January 6.