10 favorite "dog friendly" restaurants in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

Enjoy the food and company of your four-legged pet

Recommended by: Anna Klarić

We have to admit that restaurants have become more and more accessible when it comes to dogs and that there are more and more dog friendly restaurants. In order to make it easier for you to choose your next lunch, we bring you ten Zagreb gastronomic locations where you can eat well in the company of your favorite furry friend even when the weather conditions do not allow sitting on the terrace.

1. Sweatshirt


Duksa is one of the most popular pizzerias in Zagreb, named after the street it is located on – Duknovićeva 4. Whether you choose "Šitake happens" or "Na ovu Dado otkida" pizza, you won't go wrong. Besides the names of pizzas on the menu that will make you laugh, Duksa is one of those restaurants that will be happy to host your pet. In addition, they will be happy to serve them a bowl of water.

2. The Caucasus


Kavkaz is a well-known refined place that leaves few people indifferent with its artistically designed ambience. It is located at Trg Republike Hrvatske 1 and is an ideal choice for coffee, breakfast, afternoon brunch or lunch. Not only will you be delighted with the selection of delicious dishes, but the service of the iconic Zagreb coffee shop will take perfect care of your best shaggy friend in the interior of the bar as well.

3. Submarines


When we think burgers, we say Submarine! The most popular fast-food destination in the city of Zagreb, and you can find it at as many as 14 different addresses throughout Croatia. While you enjoy a delicious burger and Lika fries topped with cheese or truffle sauce, your dog is free to enjoy your company, with the caveat that he must not disturb other guests in the restaurant.

4. Mali Bar

At Vlaška 63, Mali bar is located, which is anything but small when it comes to the choice of food and drinks. If you decide on the culinary specialties of our Ana Ugarković, keep in mind that your pets are more than welcome. Every day Mali bar offers a series of delicious plates made from the freshest goods that arrived that morning in Dolac.

5. Vinodol

If you want to taste a combination of Mediterranean and continental delicacies, we suggest Vinodol, a gastronomic center with a long tradition located in the heart of the city, in Teslana Street at number 10. The interior of the restaurant can accommodate up to 180 people, and the restaurant staff will not mind you at all if you bring your a four-legged pet.

6. Stara Sava

Stara Sava, as its name suggests, has been located on Savska cesta 208 since 1987. This pleasant restaurant offers its guests a wide variety of dishes made from fresh ingredients of the best quality every day, and it will also welcome your pets. Can it get any better than that?

7. Melt