Good documentary on Mondays at Art Park

Author: Matina Tenžera

Get blankets and watch documentaries in Ribnjak for free.

Dokukino KIC closes its doors for this season and goes on a summer break. During the summer, you can watch a good documentary on Mondays in the Art Park at Zagreb's Ribnjak. The program brings several diverse docks, and the full schedule and more information about the movies can be found below.

All movies start at 9 p.m.

13.7. / SKATE FILM TABULA RASA Raul Žgomba, Croatia, 2019, 30 ′

The film "Tabula Rasa" was shot in the period from 2017 to 2019 in various locations in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Denmark, etc. The film skates Antonio Petković, Nino Jurlina, Karlo Gluhačić, Filip Tenšek, Miloš Ačanski, Zvonimir Mikić, Dino Coce et al. The film premiered at the Vladimir Film Festival in Fažana.

27.7. / CARMINE STREET GUITARS Ron Mann, Canada, 2018, 80 ′ Language: English, subtitles: Croatian

Once the center of New York bohemian Greenwich Village today houses luxury restaurants and shops that cater to the needs of the newly wealthy. But one store in the heart of the Village still resists ubiquitous gentrification. Meet a small shop where Rick Kelly and his small team make top-notch handmade guitars using discarded wood from old hotels, bars, churches and other local buildings. Carmine Street Guitars are adored by guitarists like Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, Marc Ribot all the way to Jim Jarmusch. Famous musicians and artists appear in the film, and there are also some great performances. The cooler’s story of a love of music celebrates the creativity of the community and the magic of a vanishing lifestyle.

3.8. / PROJECT: BAKA Bálint Révész, Hungary, UK, 93 ′

Three grandchildren embark with their grandmothers on an anarchist journey into the past. How do memories work? Can experiences be passed from generation to generation? How does the act of storytelling change the experience? Three young men and their grandmothers explore their historical and personal heritage – there is a British spy with a caustic sense of humor, a Hungarian communist who survived the Holocaust, and a German dancer whose view of the past proves to be the most painful.

17.8. / GHETTO BALBOA Árpád Bogdán, Hungary, 90 ′

Misi, a former mobster from the infamous ghetto in Budapest, has been teaching boxing to young people from troubled families in the neighborhood for the past eight years. One of his students, Zola, reaches such a level of boxing that he competes for the world title. Zoli has to make a difficult decision – to become a professional boxer or to follow in the footsteps of her mobster father.

31.8. / HAPPY WINTER Buon inverno, Giovanni Totaro, Italy, 2017, 91 ′ Language: Italian, subtitles: Croatian

Every summer on Mondello beach in Palermo more than a thousand cottages are ready to receive just as many families who will come there for the summer. For them, the houses on that beach are ideal for reviving the memory of the social status that the crisis over the past decade has inevitably threatened. One family is willing to borrow so they can spend their summers at sea and look rich in the eyes of other people on the beach. The three women struggle to darken so they can still feel young and become real summer stars. A politician is looking for voters among the houses. Meanwhile, on the same beach, the bartender is just thinking about how to earn as much as possible so he can survive the winter. They are all looking forward to Ferragosto, as well as being at the center of the summer vanity fair and continuing to pretend that the economic crisis does not exist.