TOP 5 online programs for children in January

Author: Matina Tenžera

An animation workshop, a play, plays or creative recycling workshops?

Given the earthquakes, the pandemic, and the prolongation of the school holidays, children’s events online are desperately needed. That is why we have decided to choose the TOP 5 programs for your youngest family members.

MSU: Online cycle of animation workshops

MSU invites all fans of animation to visit the exhibition "From Imagination to Animation: Six Decades of Zagreb Film" and to regularly follow their cycle of online workshops through the Facebook page of MSU Education, through which you will get to know and enchant with animation, create characters and story, create a shooting book , learn what animation is, get acquainted with the study of animation and animation of cut shapes, learn how to add text, try experimental techniques and scenography. Let the animation begin!

Send your works to the e-mail address:, and MSU will publish them at the end of the cycle in the form of an online exhibition on and on the Facebook page of MSU edukacija .

You can download 9 workshops in pdf format HERE .

MSU online animation workshop

Cherry Theater: Theater Play – Who Stole The Nutcracker?

Take the opportunity to participate in a unique theatrical experience – online Theater play: Who stole The Nutcracker? with which the Cherry Theater will take you on a fantastic Christmas journey through the world of imagination, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

In addition to this unprecedented theatrical experience, children's events online have become a real hit among children.

The game consists of four virtual spaces, each of which hides its own puzzles. In order to be able to enter each subsequent virtual space through the game, children discover clues that lead them to solve puzzles, with which they find the keys to the next virtual space.

The spaces are themed and related to fantastic worlds and imaginary characters and of course to Hoffmann’s original story of The Nutcracker.

In addition to being fun, puzzles and problem tasks encourage children to think, look at problems from different angles, notice details, connect elements into a whole in a new way and improve their concentration, creativity, speech and visual abilities, as well as the development of analytical thinking and logic. conclusions.

The play is led by the good spirit of the theater who has lived in the theater for a hundred years, knows every corner of it and hides the well-guarded treasure of the theater. In our story, she helps Marie find her favorite toy. Guess what? Nutcracker.

Embark on a magnificent journey with the popular Christmas story of the Nutcracker that will take you to a world of magic and imagination where there is no boundary between the real and the imagined.

The program is available until January 31, 2021.

The ticket price is 50 kuna. By purchasing a ticket, you can watch the program within 24 hours. You can buy virtual tickets HERE .

Bird Burning: Online performances on Wednesdays

Screening of free online performances on Wednesdays at 7 pm The City Theater Žar ptica continues throughout January. The show will be posted on the Facebook page every Wednesday at 7 p.m.