Outdoor children's shows throughout April

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Author: Matina Tenžera

The program is completely free and open to everyone

What kind of center do we need! is a program organized by the Puppet Organization LOFT in Donji Grad in parks, libraries and school playgrounds. After the opening in October 2023, the program continued to take place in the Medveščak Library through the Leisure Club for ages 65+ and the Children's Book Club at the Children's Department of that library. In April, the program ends with a series of outdoor and indoor events.

Schedule in April 10.4.. at 5 p.m. " Hooligan ", Small Scene Theater on the playground of Silvija Strahimir Kranjčević Elementary School 11.4. at 2 p.m. " Dream Hunters ", UO LOFT at the playground of Silvija Strahimir Kranjčević Elementary School on April 12 and 14. from 16:00 to 19:00 workshop and walk " Whispers of the Walls " with Boris Bakal, Shadow Throwers 13.4. at 11 a.m. " LiLa ", UO LOFT in the roundel on Trg Petra Krešimir IV 15.4. at 5 p.m. in the Medveščak Library, a round table on Zagreb's independent performance scene for children and young people, moderator Igor Tretinjak 19.4. at 7:00 p.m. " Rusalka ", Small stage theater in the roundel on Petra Krešimir Square IV 25.4. at 7 p.m. " Spektakl ", Studio for contemporary dance on the playground of Primary School Dr. Ivan Merz 26.4. at 1:00 p.m. " Hooligan ", Theater Small scene on the playground of Elementary School Dr. Ivan Merz Briefly about the plays Hooligan

Hooligan, Small scene The play "Hooligan" of the Mala scena Theater is a hit play that has been making a strong impression on teenagers all over Croatia for years. In the form of a tense monodrama, the play talks about fans and their code, but also violence. The topic is always current, especially lately! The play is intended for children aged 12+, but adults can also watch it – they will learn a lot from the main (anti)hero of the play, Zrksa, who lives for weekends and stands. But the spate of violence that we ourselves have recently witnessed is only one side of the hooligan's story. Discover what is hidden in the background 10.4. at 5 p.m. on the playground of OSK SSK – the ideal setting for this play!

Dream hunters

Dream hunters, LOFT

Dream hunters or boys in pink are great stars of children's theater who have shown their adventures in front of audiences in Croatia and abroad, outdoors and indoors, in theaters, parks or squares – always welcome and accompanied by their crazy funky soundtrack. "Dream Hunters" is a non-verbal play (age 5+) about two workers who guard little Franka's dreams in the night shift. Through movement, sound and light, the play "raises the bar of theater for children and young people, encouraging children to love their dreams – because accepting and loving your dreams means loving yourself as you are", according to the jury of the 14th Malog Marulić, who awarded the play several times.

The whisper of the walls

Zagreb's Shadow Throwers have been dealing with the city for decades. Through their activities, in various ways, they try to understand what kind of city we live in and imagine what that city could look like. On the other hand, this year, LOFT's women received the kind of attention we need from the Center! and through various activities they are trying to gather the community in Lower Town and understand what it really needs. The result of a new cooperation between organizations and the long-term friendship of a Bacač and a LOFT_ovka is this invitation: we invite residents and visitors of the Lower Town of all ages to unite in walking, actually reading, a part of Zagreb!

The Whisper of the Walls is a workshop of urban and spatial forensics where children and adults have the opportunity to learn how to observe space, explore visible and invisible choreographies of space and the city they live in, and collect their audiovisual characteristics. In this workshop, participants learn to observe the world around them, and the city and its spaces as a common resource of all citizens. Focus in April: Krešimirac of course!

We accept applications for the walk at uoloft@gmail…