The stereotype returns with Dixon and Felver on the Gradec plateau



Author: Matina Tenžera

The new edition of the most popular electronic music party will be held on Saturday, October 10 in the afternoon with all precautions

In these dystopian times, collective dance has become a demanding category. But for life to move on, two old friends, the favorites of the Zagreb audience, will take care of it. Dixon and Felver will perform on Saturday, October 10 from 3 to 11 pm on the Gradec plateau!

The stereotype is known precisely for its unusual locations and dates, and the new edition at this exclusive place brings for the first time in collaboration with the team from Collage . Overlooking the cathedral and the center of Zagreb, they will dance in the open air for a full eight hours with the best music that the duo collected in pandemic times.

Collage stereotype

Dixon and Felver are looking forward to performing live on the Gradec plateau

Dixon has been on the charts of the world’s most popular DJs for years, and he gives a big bang to the electronic scene with his label Innervisions, which redefined European sound. As Zagreb’s son-in-law, he considers Croatia his second home, and he had his first international appearance here, thanks to his acquaintance with Felver.

Felver does not need to be presented much to the local audience, to which he has been delivering the best of electronic music for almost 30 years as a DJ, but also a promoter and organizer of top music events. What unites the two despite the different atmospheres in which they operate is the insistence on quality and thoroughness in the choice and reflection of music.

Every DJ’s job is connected to the dance floor, and creating online mixes without the presence of dancers is a difficult task. Therefore, in the age of rare gigs, Felver and Dixon are especially looking forward to performing in front of their – Zagreb audience.

It is quite clear that the event will be held with all the prescribed precautions. Therefore, the number of tickets is limited and can be purchased through the Entrio system.