It was a wonderful filing to hang out with you!



Author: Matina Tenžera

We brought the summer to an end, and with it our kick ass campaign #divanfiling. And now – to new adventures!

Thanked by: Matina Tenžera

In an exciting summer adventure in which we bravely fought against boredom and fear of going out and hanging out with our favorite team outside the comfort of your homes, we concluded our first #divanfiling. We were joined by more than fifteen organizers and leaders of numerous places that together make up the Zagreb event scene. With their help, more than 20 users were given the opportunity to experience what is offered to them in one of these places.

marine left

Marin Levaj from Mojo bar in Martićeva Street was the first to jump on this train of fun:

“For an initiative that promotes rounding, not political options, our humble Mojo is always in favor. And it’s not bad to hear from the guests how they spent their time with us. We will find out something, maybe meet new friends. See you soon on the terrace! ”

Next to the team from Mojo were the women’s forces of Utah Kota bar, Carol and Martina, who told us that they love their job, but also good cocktails and quality coffee. Look at the miracles, just like us! So we didn’t think much about whether we should start collaborating.

jute elevation of the bar owner

Some people liked participating in the campaign so much that they wanted to prolong our socializing. So you will have another chance to win a round of that hidden booze that is usually kept for special guests from the colorful cafe Kak se šika . Namely, its peculiar owner Mihaela Olujić was so satisfied for the first time that she wanted it again. Because – twice is twice. Marko Havaši also came with her and tirelessly delivered bottles of the best quality wine to your doorsteps . His brand Wine to go so you will not soon forget because we are preparing another treat from his barrel.

how chic salon zagreb

Cafes, restaurants, museums and theaters

In order not to just circle from cafe to cafe, we have included gastronomic oases and museums and theaters. The first museum was also the sweetest one – the Chocolate Museum , and this is how its founder Ružica Božić Cerovac whispered in our ear:

“We joined the campaign because we want to encourage people to come to the city center, to revive it. After the closure due to COVID and then the earthquake, people started avoiding coming to the center, which makes us sad. We want to revive the streets of the city and the events in it because the city is its people, the murmur and squeal of children. See you in the city center because there is #divanfiling! ”