It’s a wonderful filing when you know where you can have a good laugh

Author: Matina Tenžera

Laughter is the best and only medicine without side effects, which perfectly relieves stress and removes all tension!

Recommended by: Matina Tenžera

Laughter is always a good decision, no matter the opportunities and adversities. In the wake of recent social events, we believe that a glass of quality laughter would come in handy for everyone. We bring you TOP 3 places where the best Croatian stand up comedians regularly perform.

But not only would you laugh at them, you have the opportunity to let others laugh at you too! So, in addition to regular comedy performances, you will get the opportunity to finally experience open microphone evenings when you can briefly try for yourself whether your friends out of decency are laughing or not.

TOP 1 Cultural Center Trešnjevka

Laughter over the connection

He is a massive Slavonian who sings, dances, eats, recites, animates, acts…. and laughs. Goran Vinčić, as if from a hill, fell right into the Trešnjevka Cultural Center, where he comes several times a month with the strongest forms.

What is it like to be a middle child? Who is always accused of something? Who is always in the wrong place at the wrong time? Where are all Slavonians? How is it possible to be a minority with so many pounds? Why are populists educational? How do people in Mirkovci talk? Why are porn movies a cliché? Who is the culprit on duty?

These are the questions you will answer, but we do not guarantee that you will be satisfied with them. It doesn't matter because Goran is open to any counter-message. Try it, you will love it! Okay, this sounded wrong.

In addition to Goran, you will also find Tina Sedlar who moved to CeKaTe with Zlatan Zuhrić Zuhr and their mostly pre-sold-out show Vinegar and Son .

In the end, it wouldn't be that the eternally intoxicated panda – Marko Dejanović – didn't wake up somewhere. Sex, male-female relationships, church, politics – no taboos! This is a show that leaves no one indifferent. The thoughts spoken in it made many laugh to tears, but for some they also hurt their feelings of morality. It has everything. There are various simplicities. Everything is disassembled. On simple factors.

TOP 2 Technical Museum, Cultural Center Mesnička and Ro & Do

joža vrban

As part of the Summer in the Technical , in the shade and greenery of a colorful and relaxed atmosphere with a bar and refreshing drinks, you can also laugh. Once a month you are entertained by Teo Ostarčević and Joža Vrban .

A second set of comedians awaits you every other Wednesday at the Ro & Do bar. Ro & Do bar is located in a cool courtyard where well-coordinated comedians enthusiasts create a small summer tradition of comedy on Zagreb's British Square in an interesting space with interesting people. These enthusiastic comedians are Tibor Sekulić and Job Bićanić .

In the end, it's your turn. Sign up for an open microphone evening at the Mesnička Cultural Center and show them all who you are and what your tricks are! But be original because plagiarism in this case definitely doesn't work …