It’s a wonderful filing to know where to go with the kids during the summer

Author: Matina Tenžera

In our list, we have singled out five events that you and your children will enjoy at the same time. It has shows, movies, performances and muscle exercises through a number of children’s outdoor activities

We are not the only adults who like to relax at one of the many open air events that are not lacking throughout the summer in Zagreb. Even the smallest ones will not refuse green spaces, stimulating contents and delicious meals at some of the popular summer locations. We bring you the TOP 6 places where your children will enjoy themselves to the maximum, while you will be able to take care of your joy without remorse.

Recommended by: Matina Tenžera

TOP 1: Introduce them to your favorite non-existent fellow citizen


What your little ones will be able to use in a public space from the autumn, is currently housed in the Bačva gallery within the Croatian Society of Fine Artists (Mosque, op.a.). A climber, a large slide and comfortable benches of intense colors will welcome both small and large. While the little ones are tirelessly climbing and descending, the big ones should watch in peace some of the two documentaries that show how and under what conditions the dearest non-existent fellow citizen – Professor Balthazar – was born. And don’t worry – the organizers have prepared selected episodes of this beloved animated series for the little ones. The exhibition Professor Balthazar and the Monument to the Invisible Citizen remains open until September 6th.

TOP 2: Where you used to be, come now

Art Park

Last year they moved to a new location and experienced a real boom. The art park has become even more artistic than in previous years. If you prefer to scatter children in a green environment, Ribnjak Park is your place for everyday meetings until autumn. Apart from the fact that this park is at the top of the list of priorities for parents moving to the center of Zagreb due to the breadth of space and offer, due to the Art Park they will no longer be limited to sitting on benches and watching children’s play. Now they will be able to sit comfortably in one of the colorful pillows, on a swing or on the grass with a glass (or bottle) of some refreshing drink. Surrounded with puuuuno outdoor art!

TOP 3: A hundred steps lead you to culture

summer on the stross

Do you want an open space and attractive children’s facilities? No problem, we have such a place. Prepare that you will only have to encourage your children, but also yourself, to climb the Upper Town. In the so-called Strossmartre, puppet shows and art workshops await you every Tuesday and Thursday from 19:30 . Summer at Stross is held until September 1, and we bring you an accurate list of all performances and warn that in case of postponement or cancellation of individual performances, the organizer is responsible …