Where will we go for Nova?



Author: Matina Tenžera

The answer to the question of all questions has just arrived

Not to be outdone – if there are still dilemmas, debates and sleeplessness about where to celebrate the entry into the New Year – you can sleep more peacefully starting today.

Here is a list of the most interesting options.

Option glamorous

The Croatian National Theater in Zagreb presents a festive welcome to the new year 2024 for 110 guests. New Year's Eve at the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb will begin with the best possible overture, the operetta Šišmiš by Johann Strauss Jr. conducted by Srba Dinić, directed by Krešimir Dolenčić.

The evening will continue in the foyer of the Theater, with selected delicacies, an attractive gourmet offer and a musical program. After midnight, guests will be invited to take photos and dance on the stage of the HNK in Zagreb

Underground option

Dance again on four different dance floors where five DJs spin music, from whom you can expect absolutely everything. In addition to good entertainment and music, a welcome drink, a buffet table and champagne at midnight await you.

The hipster option

Hotel Zonar Zagreb, currently the hottest place in the city, is hosting the "All That Glitter" New Year's party directed by RNB Confusion . How does a whole floor of a hotel just for us sound to you?

Concert option, but indoors

Taking The Trash Out , the most popular program in Croatia dedicated to domestic music of the 90s and 00s, is preparing a spectacular New Year's Eve with a performance by the unique Vesna Pisarović.

Option to celebrate outside

Members of TBF are often described as "rebels" who, in their songs, honestly and jokingly, but actually very seriously, talk about current social issues and problems.

We suggest combining TBF with a pleasant combination of other rebels who will play outdoors, namely LET 3 on Trg ban Jelačića .

For more celebrations, take a look at our thematic category New Year's Eve and find an event for yourself. The category will be supplemented with New Year's events, so remember to visit it several times in the coming days.