Details about the performance of LET 3 for the New Year



Author: Matina Tenžera

There will be close to 200 program participants on stage at one time

There is no need to spend a lot of words on the importance and size of the Rijeka team Let 3. It is a band that amuses us, makes us laugh, but also makes us think since way back in 1987, when they appeared with their first release and, with their originality and stage presence, immediately became one of the most popular rock bands in the entire region. Since then, in their 36-year long career, they have released 8 award-winning studio albums and 2 live albums and played thousands of concerts, where they constantly raised the bar of standards and thus became an undeniable attraction, as well as a true institution of Croatian alternative rock music.

This year we were treated to probably the most impressive Croatian performance at the Eurovision Song Contest, as Mama ŠČ! with a phenomenon like no other so far, they aroused the interest of the Croatian public in this competition and made us all follow them wholeheartedly and cheer in unison. It is therefore not at all surprising that the choice for the New Year's performer in the capital fell on them.

And what will Letovci prepare for our welcome?

Although every Leto 3 concert is a special experience, according to the announcements, this one will be more than spectacular – there will be close to 200 program participants on stage at one time!

Namely, Letovci will be joined in the New Year's concert spectacle by the previously announced great and numerous Zagreb Philharmonic , but there will also be a large and award-winning mixed Academic Choir of the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb, Concordia discourses . The artistic direction of the orchestra and choir was taken over by arranger Olja Dešić. Of course, there will be the permanent collaborators of the group – the dance group Hekipa led by the famous Jovanka B. Titutka and the brass group "Sestre" led by the eternally young Igor Pavlica, and the group has also announced additional surprise guests that they will not reveal until the New Year's Eve. welcome.

The warm-up on the square will be performed by DJ Arsen Pavešić , and the introduction to the concert itself will go to the frontman of the band, Damir Martinović Mrlet, who, under his alter ego pseudonym DJ DEMIAN, will additionally warm up the audience and prepare the ground for the performance of Flight 3. DJ Pips will keep the audience dancing after Flight 3 performances, and the irreplaceable Ida Prester will guide us throughout the evening. One thing is certain, this reception on the Square will be spectacular!