Free walks in Zagreb



Author: Matina Tenžera

So far, in the past 9 years, 90 such walks have been held, and 16 of them have been announced for this year.

And this year, for the tenth time in a row, Jane's Walk walks are coming to the city of Zagreb! Through the Mapping of Trešnjevka project, CeKaTe is the Zagreb partner of a global initiative called Jane's Walk (with its center in Toronto, Canada), as part of which free walks for citizens are held every year in dozens of countries and many more cities around the world in May. So far, in the past 9 years, 90 such walks have been held, and for this year we are announcing as many as 16 new walks where you can get to know different parts of the city of Zagreb, their history and present, and there will certainly be talks about their future on these walks. All walks are free and registration is not required, just come and join the explorers of your city and ours – because those who walk do not think evil!

Program of walks JW1: 09.05.2024. (Thursday), 17:00: From Zapadni kolodvor to Črnomerac: Industry in the neighborhood (leader: Ana Toth), the meeting is at Trg Franskus Republike, near the turning point of tram line 1 JW2: 10.05.2024. (Friday), 17:00: Railway colony, Maksimirska našelka and Ravnice (host: Lana Bunjevac), the meeting is at the Borongaj tram interchange, near the interchange of tram lines 1, 9 and 17 JW3: 11.05.2024. (Saturday), 17:00: To Sljeme, to Sljeme – tour of the industrial complex Sljeme in Sesvete (leader: Damir Fofić), meeting is at Bus Terminal Sesvete JW4: 12.05.2024. (Sunday), 09:00: Computer Paths from the Heart (host: Mladen Sokele), meeting is at the University Computing Center, Ul. Josipa Marohnić 5 JW5: 12.05.2024. (Sunday), 17:00: (O)sjeti (me) se (host: Maja Pavičić), the meeting is at the entrance to RŠC Jarun near Hrgovići Street JW6: 14.05.2024. (Tuesday), 17:00: Vignettes of Vrbik – from mud to urban congestion (hosts: Melita Čavlović and Antun Sevšek), meeting at the Tiska kiosk, Ul. Vukovar 52, near the Vrbik tram station of tram lines 3, 5 and 13 JW7: 15.05.2024. (Wednesday), 18:00: ZG štenge vol. 3 (leader: Leila Filipović), meeting in Labudovac park in Labudovac street (park at the intersection of Lašćinska and Zajčeva streets) JW16: 16.05.2024. (Thursday), 16:16: Everything at 16 (host: Saša Šimpraga), Kvaternikov trg, near the fountain JW8: 17.05.2024. (Friday), 18:00: ZG Hip Hop retro walk (leader: Krunoslav Jakopanec Kac), meeting at Trg bana Jelačića, near Manduševac JW9: 18.05.2024. (Saturday), 17:00: Along the hill and down to Markuševac (leader: Renata Tatara), meeting at the intersection of Gračanska cesta and Bliznec street, in front of Friško Pan bakery, Gračanska cesta 212 JW10: 19.05.2024. (Sunday), 17:30: Musical walk in Novi Jelkovec (leader: Nada Bezić), meeting at the Jelkovec-market station of ZET bus line no. 279, 281 and 282 JW11: 23.05.2024. (Thursday), 18:20: Malešnica, Špansko, green locations (host: Mina Plančić), the meeting is at the old hospital cemetery in Donji Vrapč (between Oranica and Medarska streets), near the cross JW12: 24.05.2024. (Friday), 18:00: Along the Roman road from Sesvete to Jelkovac – yesterday, today, tomorrow (hosts: Morena Želle, Višnja Kljajić and Nives Curić), meeting is at the Prigorje Museum, Trg Dragutina Domjanića 5, Sesvete JW13: 25.05.2024 . (Saturday), 10:10: Markuševeč vremeplov on the tracks of Gušić's "Medvednica" (leader: Tomislav Popović), the meeting is in front of the shop "Konzum", Trg Sv. Šimuna 1, Markuševec JW14: 26.05.2024. (Sunday), 11:00: About the construction of Preradović Square and Nikola Tesla Street (leader: Mladen Perušić), the meeting is on Petr Preradović Square, near the monument JW15: 29.05.2024. (Wednesday), 17:15: Adventure on the edge of the city: Abandoned neighbor's quarry! (host: Vanja Radovanović), the meeting is at the Črnomerec bus interchange, at bus line 123 to Podsusedsko Dolje, which departs at 5:30 p.m.