CHRISTMAS IN ZAGREB – we have made a plan for you for Christmas Eve and Christmas.



Author: Matina Tenžera

We bring you a list of the most interesting pastimes for both days

Experiencing Christmas Eve in Zagreb is always a special pleasure. Not only because the first toasts start already in the morning, but also because the best parties are prepared in the evening of the same day. In that name, we bring our traditional list of some of them:

Two parties at noon

Depending on whether you're more of a mingling outdoors character or hiding in the heat, we offer two options. The first is the traditional concert of New Fossils exactly at noon in Johann Franck.

And the second option is to go dancing on the Gradec plateau as part of the JUST OUR festival, where theteam from RNB Confusion will take over the DJ booth . In other words, you probably won't be too cold 🙂

Two parties for the evening

When you've decorated the pine trees and placed gifts under them, head down to the center of Zagreb, because you have two equally winning options for a club Advent party. Or Johann Franck and their famous trash party or two live gigs in Peti Kupe .

One party for Christmas!

Surely you know that feeling when you're partying or just visiting events on Christmas, and everywhere is desolation? This year you will be able to successfully realize your wishes at Grofu Melin. An unusual Christmas band is performing there – JeboTon !

For all the other Advent treats, visit our huge winter guide for a winning Advent . 🙂