Take a look at who is performing at Beer Days



Author: Matina Tenžera

We stop in Karlovac from Friday, August 26 to Tuesday, August 30

From August 26 to 30, Karlovac will be a meeting place for all lovers of good entertainment, which cannot exist without even better music. Everyone who has visited Beer Days has convinced themselves that Karlovac always provides an unforgettable experience. In addition to the previously announced performers, Gibonni, Vanna, Urban and Vatra, Days of Beer confirmed the arrival of Hladni piva, Boris Štok, Crvena Jabuka, Daleka Obale, the group Denis & Denis, Buđenja, Pocket Palme and Podočnjak, and the visitors will also be delighted by the rich gastronomic and beer offer, as well as numerous other activities that are never lacking in the city on four rivers.

Who plays when

On Friday, August 26, at Beer Days in Karlovac, in addition to the already confirmed performance of Gibonni , the pop rock band Buđenje will arrive. pop. In addition to the already announced Urbana and Vatra , on Saturday, August 27, the 35th Day of Beer will be attended by the increasingly successful synth-pop trio Pocket palma , which continues to produce well-received albums, both by the audience and critics. After a very successful debut album, in 2021 they present another one under the name "Atomi", which with its maturity cemented the place of this trio on the regional scene.

On Sunday, August 28, Boris Štok , winner of the Porin Award for the best alternative music album, "Under the Skin" released in 2018, will perform on the Beer Day stage. This innovative musician from Rijeka collaborates with numerous renowned and award-winning musicians as a singer, lyricist and co-author of music. After Boris Štok, the group Daleka obala from Split will come to the stage of Beer Day, which will present to the people of Karlovy V a cross section of hits from a rich career, which the audience always welcomes with joy.

On Monday, August 29, Crvena jabuka , which needs no further introduction, will light up Karlovac with hits that have been alive since 1985. From the very beginning, Crvena Jabuka left a number of prominent songs and albums on which many generations grew up, and the whole series has continued to this day with albums and compilations. Along with Red Apple, the audience will be entertained that day by the group Denis & Denis , which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. The first album "Čuvaj se" was released in 1984 and reached gold circulation, as did the second album "I'm a liar" released in 1985. After a break and restarting the group in 2012, the group performs in its original composition.

The end of the festival

On Tuesday, August 30, at the grand finale of Beer Day, Podočnjaci, a young band from Kutina , whose music is a fusion of different genres with an emphasis on trap and pop, will perform, and for the past year they have captured the public's attention with the songs "Pozeru", "Šiške" and "Slippers".

After young hopes, the stage is taken over by Hladno pivo . This band from Zagreb played its first concert in 1988, and over the years became one of the most famous Croatian bands with an impressive career. Cold beer managed to push punk rock to the top of the charts, shape the musical history of the entire region and bring the underground sound out of clubs and into halls and stadiums. The chase through a successful 35-year career will be marked by Hladno pivo at this year's Days of Beer in Karlovac with some of the most important songs of his career, such as "Fur immer punk", "Zimmer frei", "Politika", "It's hard to be cool", "Samo za taj feeling" and "I don't love you".