Stress-free weeks at the Aikido House



Author: Matina Tenžera

Aikido Society Zagreb is giving away a free aikido week

Is it possible to live a week without stress?

Times are hard, the tension is growing, we live in a hurry and we breathe poorly – that is why the House of Aikido , Koturaška 1, trains for life, the biggest competition of all. Aikido Society Zagreb invites all citizens to join them in a free aikido workshop on October 13 from 20.30 to 22 hours, where they will get an insight into exercises and techniques of living in accordance with the breath and rhythm of life, effortlessly and with maximum results. After the workshop, all participants can continue to practice for free until the end of the week!

Aikido House

What is aikido?

Aikido is an ancient Japanese (martial) skill founded with the goal of overcoming combat as a means of survival. When we stop fighting with ourselves and our surroundings, we let life flow through us in a relaxed way. We try to practice this through aikido techniques and copy it to everyday situations that require modern warfare from us.

Practicing Japanese martial arts means that we train for life, and not just for the gym or a particular competition, so with such training we are constantly working on our improvement and spiritual and physical growth.

Aikido House

How to apply?

All those interested can announce their arrival to the instructors by e-mail, through which they can get answers to all questions related to training, appointments, training; as well as on the phone numbers: 091 5123 149 (Dobroslav) and 091 4900 008 (Marijan).

Given the current situation, the number of seats is limited, and in the hall we adhere to all necessary measures of hygiene, disinfection and distance.

Aikido House

Aikido Society Zagreb

The trainings are organized by the Aikido Society Zagreb, which was founded in 1992, and since 2013 it has been operating in the renovated Paromlin, which it proudly calls the House of Aikido. The basic idea that permeates the House of Aikido is to spread non-violence in the physical world, both to oneself and to others, and to enable a better quality of life for all individuals through the use of unlimited potentials of mind and body.