This weekend we are going to these four fairs

Author: Matina Tenžera

From Friday, December 17 to Sunday, December 19, don't forget to fix all the Christmas and New Year gifts – you are offered four fairs

Has anyone wondered where the Advent fairs are this year? Usually colorful "flea markets" were an indispensable item every December. But this year we noticed that it was all something short and modest. BUT THERE ARE THEM! And this is where our story begins. Here is a list of Advent fairs from this weekend offering wonderful gifts that you can stab for a team that deserves them 😉

Ilica project

Ilica project

The winter edition of the most famous hat on Ilica is waiting for you on Sunday, December 19th . We are not sure if we need to emphasize what will be on offer because we believe that you already know what the Ilica Project looks like. We will only emphasize that a SEA of exhibitors awaits you, and there will be a lot of new brands. From 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., find all the gifts in one place.

Fair of the creative collective MADE BY

made by journalism home

A large selection of jewelry, clothes, bags, home decorations, natural cosmetics, books, ceramics and fashion accessories awaits you. Forty artists, designers and creatives from Croatia and the region will show you their products and will be happy to talk to you about the materials, the production process and everything you are interested in.

We can say first hand that the atmosphere in the Journalists' House where the fair is held is pleasant and very encouraging to stay there longer than you planned. And the offer is very specific – there are not abnormally many exhibitors, but there are just enough to buy more than you planned 🙂

Listen to what the team from the organization still has to say to you:

We will also present the web platform and the Virtual Fair where you can buy handmade products by Croatian creatives.

On epidemiological measures

To enter you need to have a covid certificate of illness, vaccination or a negative test.

Mini Show Off

mini show off advent fairs

This year we also have a four-day fair on the Bloody Bridge! Clothing, fashion accessories, jewelry and home decor will be on display. The Mini Show Off actively gathers creative people throughout the year, but this winter they have extended their traditional Christmas fair by a full two days. We are absolutely delighted by this, and you will only become so when you walk to their chambers and see what awaits you there.

Attack's Christmas Fair

Christmas flea medica

Expect second hand clothes and fashion accessories, numerous handicrafts and author's works, but also unique items …