Advent children's events

Author: Matina Tenžera

Trust me – you don't want to wait to buy tickets

At the outset, we must emphasize that this list will be updated regularly, so put it away right now in a safe place where you won't forget it. It's also not a bad idea to not wait to buy a ticket because children's events are the most popular events in the city… and especially during Advent. In our thematic category of Advent events, find the exact dates of each show, as some of them are held several times a day. In addition, for some performances of the same play, don't count on the arrival of Santa Claus, so that may be important to know. However, we have placed all the shows in our calendar!

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Well, let's start listing!

2.12./3.12./9.12./10.12./16.12./17.12./23.12. SANTA CLAUS BECAME A KID, Crazy House

Crazy House

The latest Christmas show at the Crazy House!

Santa Claus is preparing for the month of giving with his granddaughter Emi, but the jealous Grinch has other plans. With his magic, he took his grandfather back 50 years and turned him into a kid.

2.12./7.12./19.12./20.12./21.12./22.12. SANTA'S WONDERFUL WORKSHOP, Trešnja Theatre

Theater Trešnja

In the most beautiful holiday period, three mysterious invitations were sent to the addresses of three young men who knew each other in childhood. A seemingly harmless quarrel separated them many years ago, but the miraculous workshop of Santa Claus will bring them together again.

2.12./3.12. A CHRISTMAS STORY, Zagreb Puppet Theatre

A Christmas story

After the show, Santa Claus hands out gifts to the children.

Dickens' A Christmas Story was one of the greatest literary hits in nineteenth-century England and has not lost its popularity to this day.

2.12./3.12./9.12./10.12./16.12./17.12./22.12. THERE IS NO WINTER FOR FAIRY TALES, Small scene

there is no winter for fairy tales

After the show, Santa Claus hands out presents to the children…