Advent in Croatia for those who are bored with Zagreb

Author: Matina Tenžera

We take you to five Croatian cities up to a maximum of an hour and a half drive from Zagreb

This year, Advent in Croatia really managed to get on the agenda of going out to sea with all the notorious Advent information. Each of the Croatian cities this winter is beautiful in its own way precisely because it brings a specific vibe of the city. For the team from Zagreb, we bring recommendations for Advent in its surroundings, up to an hour and a half drive.

Samobor: 30 minutes

advent samobor

When you come to Samobor any day, without the winter atmosphere. When you get there on the gloomiest possible day – Samobor is beautiful. And when do you show up at a time when lamps and other decorations give him a special charm? Then you realize that every trip to Samobor is a wise decision that you will not regret. In accordance with the town itself, the offer is unpretentious and certainly sufficient. From food and drink to concerts to children's content.

But so that we don't convince you, we invited Samobor's Ines Ibrišević , a regular visitor to Samobor's Adventists, to help.

"I am looking forward to Advent in Samobor because this year we will have two skating rinks. Although I don't know how to skate, every year I tell myself that the coming year is exactly when I will learn, and then I end up on mulled wine so I will be just as happy! This year, houses have been set up where you can taste traditional Samobor delicacies such as Samobor cherries or Filipčev Bermet, otherwise red aromatized wine, prepared from selected varieties of grapes, pellin and southern fruits. This year I am also looking forward to Rhapsody Dry Gina, which is produced by the local Samobor team. I've had enough! ”Said Ines.

We will not reveal to you what bought us to visit Samobor, not only this but also next weekend, but go see for yourself and let us know if we left something out.

advent in samobor

Karlovac: 45 minutes

Karlovac Advent

Has anyone ever stopped in Karlovac? If not yet, this winter we hope it will. Must! According to us, Karlovac is a neglected gem in the immediate vicinity of Zagreb. There are so many beautiful locations, but also small activities that could bring a smile to the faces of both large and small. Just need to come visit.

We asked Darija Desović from Karlovac why.

"In recent years, Advent in Karlovac has become a multi-day event that represents a wonderful combination of holiday spirit and events in many city locations. All of them have a really recognizable Karlovac charm! All generations can enjoy the rich facilities on the promenade from the Frog Monument to the new Music Pavilion and the Zorin Dom City Theater. And it is obligatory to take photos at interesting photo points. My favorite is the Katzler Pavilion. I definitely recommend visiting Advent in Karlovac, especially for people with kids who go on a full day trip in half an hour from Zagreb. In addition, they explore the sights of the city, and later enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Advent in a small way ", Daria assured us.