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Advent Zagreb 2020 ❄ Croatia

Your guide to TOP venues, programs and events this winter

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Advent Zagreb 2020 program, new locations and events

Your ultimate guide to events and walking through Advent in Zagreb. Some experiences that are completely out of the box this year would be a shame to miss!



Program and guide from the Upper Town to Maksimir.

Recommendations you need to see and try out!

Regardless of whether you go for a walk because of the offer of booths and Advent booths, drinks, food or views, the team has certainly been asked at least once – where it is most worthwhile to go to Advent in Zagreb. The start of the Zagreb event is officially November 30, but if you are already thinking about what to see in Zagreb, what to eat, or where to take a stroll around Advent, we will shorten your pain a little.

From Upper to Lower Town

Advent under lantern

Advent pod lanternom

No matter what time you decide to walk the Advent, let yourself be thrilled at the start of your journey. So start from the Upper Town with a view of the beautifully ornate city and taste the rich offer within Our Advent. In Upper Town, you can learn firsthand how difficult it is to light a city lantern and engage in a walker as the lights come on above you. The Lantern event will also be accompanied by a choir that will sing traditional Christmas songs from the Croatian and world music treasury. Tradition in a newer and more magical way. Lanterns will be lit on 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th, 18th, 19th, 24th. and December 26 at 4:30 p.m.

Film Advent Zagreb on Tuškanac

Filmski Advent Zagreb

When you are already in the Upper Town, stop by the Tuskanac Forest, which is the premiere of Advent in Zagreb this year. This year’s Advent is in the sign of the Nutcracker, so in Tuškanac Cinema an old film set with the motifs of Nutcracker has been devised, which will especially delight the youngest, because they will be able to feel there as part of the story. In addition, movies for all ages will be screened in China, and you can watch them for the entire duration of Advent in Zagreb. As you descend from Tuškanac towards the center, visit the fabulously decorated Grič Tunnel, which will house a cumbersome winter forest with the motifs of the Nutcracker. Otherwise, the main entrance to the Grič tunnel is located in Mesnicka Street, and two entrances / exits for Ilica are open, as well as one entrance from Tomic Street, next to the Chillout Hostel. The entrance / exit at Radić Street is currently closed.

Advent Music Program in Zagreb

Glazba i koncerti Advent

When it’s getting too cold because it’s generally known that altitudes are less frequent and cooler in altitudes, start descending to warmer locations. Do not miss the walk Tkalčić, which during the Advent will be further enhanced by tin music. Head up because concerts are waiting for you from the balconies there! Thus, the Ad gloriam brass brass band will perform performances from the balconies at Tkalčićeva 33 and the Lav Gallery at the Stone Gate on several dates through December.

We can’t wait to see what the Christmas magic will look and sound like in one of the city’s favorite streets. Performance dates are December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, and December 22. Find a detailed Advent music program here

A Christmas fairy tale in the heart of the city

Bozicna bajka Zagreb

After visiting everything in Ban Josip Jelačić Square, jump to the Oktogon, which this year is decorated with giant Nuts and Firs. This will be a special experience of winter motifs and the game of light, which, as they say from the Tourist Board, will turn the aisle into a true Christmas magic. This installation will be set from November 30 to January 7. The Nutcracker motif will also be found in other locations in the city, try to count how many there are.

The Hangover Museum

Now you have passed a good part of Advent in Zagreb and it is time to warm up. One of the new indoor locations you should by no means miss is the first Hangover Museum in Croatia to open at Preradovic 8. presents this story and the ‘drunken journey home’ through four rooms. It may not be decorated with winter decorations, but this place might make you a good laugh. The museum will be open from the beginning of December every day from 9am to 11pm.

If you love museums and want them to be part of your Advent Zagreb 2019 tour, or just want to warm up a bit, hop on over to the Eighties Museum in Radiceva. Get ready to get nostalgic because you will be able to see what the holidays in Yugoslavia looked like there. If you love classical music and museums, evenings with the Brahms will be held at the Croatian History Museum on December 5, 12 and 17 at 7:30 pm.

Advent in front of HNK

Advent HNK Zagreb

When you have warmed your frozen toes a little, jump to another new Advent location – in front of the Croatian National Theater. The location, which is one of Zagreb’s favorite places for both locals and foreigners, will take on a magical appearance during Advent. The program in front of the Croatian National Theater will be primarily musical, and will replace the sounds of classical, jazz and soul songs, with live performances by local musicians and DJ performances that will perform exclusively Christmas occasions this year.

The program will be held every day from the beginning of Advent in Zagreb until December 24. By the way, we have already mentioned the Ad gloriam Brass brass ensemble, and they will be playing here from the HNK balcony. Their performance will be December 23 at 5pm, just to warm up for Christmas Eve.

Away from the center but well worth a visit

We’ve soaked you up enough in the city crowd. Let’s go a little outside the city center – believe me, it will be good to feel the new face of Advent in Zagreb.

Advent on the Prekrizje

Advent na Prekrizju

If you feel like you’ve already seen, heard and tried everything on Advent, one new location this year is completely out of the box, Advent on the Prekrizje. Imagine having the opportunity to enter the complex where the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia is located, to see and experience the performance of the holiday ensemble. You can do all this at Villa Prekrižje. This 1942 Villa will be decorated in a traditional holiday edition during the Advent.

It will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from 4pm to 8pm when the music program will be held. Admission to the Villa is free with a mandatory security screening. You can reach this Advent location by the extraordinary bus line ZET Kaptol – Prekrizje which will operate at the time when the Villa is open.

Advent in Maksimir

Advent u Maksimiru

If you have enough traffic in the center, you can head to the Advent in Maksimir and the Zoo, which will also be decorated in a holiday spirit. In addition to the numerous workshops for the kids, there will also be an interesting installation of the Museum of Illusions, as well as food and drink offerings for moms and dads who want to warm up with a glass. After looking at all the booths and installations, enter the Polar Advent at the Zoo, which will feature light installations and attractions in December. The Maksimir forest will become a fairy tale place.

We hope you enjoyed the walk. And now, expand your voice, gather your team and – create your own Christmas fairy tale!

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