The revolution is a big news for the False Witness team

The Fake Witness was created according to the concept of a quality, creative and affordable plate, which is always based on home-made and carefully selected ingredients.

The pleasant and warm atmosphere combines four concepts: a French bakery, a bistro, a bar and a pizzeria. The goal of just such a concept gave birth to the idea and desire that guests can enjoy the specialties from early morning until late evening.

Regardless of the occasion and time, everyone can find something for themselves in the False Witness. Whether it's a light feast in a visually and tastefully created plate, full of fresh ingredients or enjoying light snacks during a break from work. Squeezed juice, smoothie, coffee for the outside or warm korasan, is the perfect option for those who are always in a hurry somewhere. Apart from the pleasant interior, the view of the most beautiful park in Zagreb – Zrinjevac, will not leave anyone indifferent. Amruševa 1, is an oasis of interesting concept, irresistible flavors and is an ideal gastro escape from reality. Even if that escape lasts a short time, in The False Witness it is more than exciting and high quality.

Come and witness the additional gastronomic offer that is not in the False Witness

"The gastronomic philosophy of bistros and bars with an emphasis on fresh and seasonal menus at friendly prices will thus expand to Revolution by False Witness, where we will be able to enjoy sandwiches of their homemade pastries, pizzas, French toast, delicious brunches and breakfast." (


Preobraženska 3

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Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510