This year we are stopping in Karlovac!



Author: Matina Tenžera

One of the most beautiful Advent spells in Croatia has begun and will last until December 31

It is said that the best comes at the end, and Advent in Karlovac is the best witness to that. On Friday, December 16, one of the most beautiful Advent spells in Croatia officially began, and it will last until December 31. We'll admit, it took us a while to select some attractions from the rich content that it would be a shame to miss. We kindly recommend that all visitors make a list of what to see and feel before visiting Advent in Karlovac. A more detailed insight into the Advent program can be found on the official pages of Karlovac Advent .

Advent in Karlovac souvenirs

Already last year, Karlovac Advent was on our list of the best Advent events around Zagreb , when Daria Desović from Karlovac told us the following:

"In recent years, Advent in Karlovac has become a multi-day event that represents a wonderful combination of holiday spirit and events at numerous city locations. All of them have a really recognizable Karlovac charm! All generations can enjoy the rich facilities on the promenade from the Frog monument to the new Music Pavilion and the city theater Zorin Dom. And taking photos at interesting photo spots is a must. My favorite is the Katzler pavilion. I definitely recommend visiting Advent in Karlovac, especially to people with kids who go on a day trip half an hour from Zagreb. In addition, they explore the sights of the city, and later enjoy the Christmas atmosphere of Advent in miniature", Daria assured us.

You can walk, sail and skate

Ice slide and small ice rink

This year, Advent in Karlovac offers an upgrade to the usual winter cultural, sports and entertainment events with an appropriate gastronomic offer. For example, this year's novelty is free skating at the City Ice Rink near the Sokolski dom and the ice slide in Šanac for the first skating steps of the youngest and absolute enjoyment of the joys of winter.

During the Advent weekends, the Association of Tourist Guides "Bastion" and the TZ of the city of Karlovac prepared specially designed Advent themed tours around Zvijezda. In an hour's walk along the most famous sights of Karlovac's core, visitors will learn how the city used to celebrate important days and holidays at the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year. They will thus remember Saint Barbara, the gifts of Saint Nicholas and customs for Saint Lucia. Stories about how the town used to be decorated during Advent, what decorations were put on the Christmas tree, what was on the holiday table and how it was prepared for midnight, will bring visitors back to the atmosphere of old customs in the Karlovac area.

In addition to walking along Zvijezda, visitors are also prepared for Advent rides on the Žitna lađa , in the atrium of the Old Town of Dubovac, a must-see for romantics and lovers of old walls. Because what would Advent be in a city that lies on four rivers, if it did not offer unforgettable tours with mulled wine, pepper cakes and appropriate Advent stories during the sailing? 🙂

A special part of the program dedicated to children