These are Advent sites that do not require COVID certification



Author: Matina Tenžera

You asked us for a list of places you can come to without "pandemic documents", so we bring you the list

After we posted a photo of the line of visitors in front of Advent at the Academy of Fine Arts on our social networks on Saturday, November 27, a large number of dissatisfied citizens responded. Not just the length of the queue, but the fact that there was a queue at all. And it was because you enter only with COVID certificates, which is why some people told us that they also asked for their ID cards.

You asked us for a list of Advent places you can come to without "pandemic documents". Now that all the Advent sites have finally opened, we bring you a list of places to enter without COVID certificates. The list will be updated by the end of Advent, so follow it. Also, some of the locations that are not on the list occasionally and do not require any confirmation depending on the amount of people at the location. For example, on the first Advent weekend, we entered the courtyard of Klović's court without checking.

Advent on the Stross European Square Plato Gradec (exception is the courtyard of Klovićevi dvori) Advent District in the courtyard of Katrana Advent R'N'R in the courtyard of Beertija Skating rink Šalata Christmas town next to Family Mall in Škorpikova 11