The most delicious “week” is ahead of us!



Author: Matina Tenžera

The 21st Restaurant Week will be held from October 9-18.

Right now, in these strange times, we need Restaurant Week – a gastronomic event during which, with caution, we enjoy fantastic dishes at a price of 100 and 125 kuna. The most delicious week of the year will be held from October 9 to 18, 2020, and restaurants from all over Croatia will participate.

Seventy restaurants of proven quality will do their best to enjoy, celebrate, rejoice and choose for a full 10 days. And it will not be easy for us to choose because we will choose between as many as 630 appetizers, main dishes and desserts, with a glass of wine or an aperitif included. The menus of all the restaurants participating in the event are published on the Restaurant Week website .

Restaurant week – a week of socializing, laughing and high gastronomy

For the tenth year in a row, the Restaurant Week event has been a favorite with everyone who likes to enjoy real gastronomy. It is an opportunity to visit restaurants that we are not able to visit during the year, but also an opportunity to organize pleasant gatherings with family and friends with excellent food. It is becoming more popular every year, and the restaurants are filled to capacity.

Restaurant week

A little more about Croatia Restaurant Week

Seventy participating restaurants that meet the strict criteria of the organizers in this period offer guests specially designed menus. Each menu is a sequence of three dishes (appetizer, main course and dessert) at a fixed price of 100/125 kn. Most restaurants offer an aperitif or a glass of wine. The value of the offered dishes in the regular offer is at least 50% higher.

The Restaurant Week event is inspired by similar actions held in world capitals such as New York and London, whose goal is to enable as many citizens as possible to visit restaurants, promote restaurant culture, encourage interaction between caterers and restaurant visitors and revive the Croatian gastro scene.

An overview of all menus and telephone numbers for reservations can be found on the website .