Sweeten your day with pancakes at Colors cafe & bar!


Pancakes in Colors caffe & bar by Kak se šika

Colors cafe & bar honors two lucky people and their entourage with pancakes that we believe cure love ailments!

The charming cafe is located on the plateau of Mamutica, where in the pleasant ambience of their bar you can have your favorite drink, and within the cafe you can eat the finest pancakes and ice cream.

To satisfy your craving for sweets, all you have to do is: on our social networks ( Facebook / Instagram ) find a post for this prize game honor like FB page Colors caffe & bar in the comments tell us what can best cure pancakes other than love woes tag a friend you would treat to a pancake

We will play until this Tuesday, July 28, when we will contact the winner.

The names of the winners due to the general data protection regulation will not be made public and will be contacted in person.

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