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Firefighters are preparing a new Firefighting Party in Boogaloo!

After a completely insane festivity for St. Martin's Day, the Firefighters return to Boogaloo on Friday, September 18, where they have now become regular guests! Everyone who has been to their concerts knows that this audio-visual spectacle should not be missed, and the next day no one remembers anything anyway.

Vatrogasci is a Croatian music genre of various genres, founded in 1991 in Zagreb. The first "firefighter" melody was recorded at the end of the same year under the name "Firefighter Mirko".

"Firefighter Mirko" soon became the most dubbed song among musicians. The Firefighters got their name from it.

We share 2 × 2 tickets

In order for you to be able to sing the hits "Vatrogasac Mirko", "Ritam iza denser", "More-less, less-more" and "Ženićute" in the audience, all you need to do is:

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During Tuesday, September 15, 2020, we are announcing the lucky ones who are going to the Firefighting Party!

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