In the very center of the city, on Zrinjevac, is one of the most romantic Zagreb destinations, the green and flowery Zagreb promenade and the destination of art lovers.

The beauty of flower beds, fountains and – always important, but from year to year due to climate change more and more interesting – the meteorological column will attract the curious, lovers or casual passers-by.

There are few cities like Zagreb in which city streets and parks are so intertwined. Zrinjevac, named after Croatian ban Nikola Šubić Zrinski, is the first in a series of eight Zagreb parks. Due to the art galleries that surround it, the Music Pavilion and the busts of Croatian historical figures that are located in it, it is perhaps the most beautiful way to Croatian history. But you will also discover valuable works by world-renowned artists there, immerse yourself in the rich treasury of the Archaeological Museum, which also preserves world rarities and miraculously contrasts history with daily city rituals. In the very center of Zrinjevac is the Music Pavilion, where from the end of the XIX. century held and still – following the example of the past – in the summer are held promenade concerts. Zrinjevac then comes to life with special sounds, tailcoats and crinolines and, at least for a moment, erases the boundaries that divide centuries.

No, Zrinjevac is not an ordinary park, it tells stories of the past, but – hand in hand with lovers, fairy tales told so many times and children's laughter – it also writes the joy of the present.

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