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Zinfandel's restaurant is an impressive and elegant space, completely renovated in 2004, when the Esplanade Hotel Zagreb, within which it is located. Its unique atmosphere and cuisine that combines top local ingredients and flavors from around the world are a guarantee of gastronomic pleasure in the heart of Zagreb.

It was named after the zinfandel grape variety, which was transferred from Dalmatia to the USA at the beginning of the 19th century. Under the name zinfandal, the variety Kaštelanski crljenak was exported from the Vienna Imperial State Nursery to the USA, where it is still very popular today. So this wine is a symbol of the intertwining of cultures encountered in Zinfandel’s restaurant kitchen. The grapevine is also a trademark of the restaurant, and in 2013 the famous Croatian winemaker Mr. Vlado Krauthaker donated several zinfandels to the hotel and restaurant, which today the staff carefully nurtures in the garden of the Oleander terrace.


Ulica Antuna Mihanovića

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Matina Tenžera

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