Zagreb Puppet Theater


The Zagreb Puppet Theater was founded in 1948 and is the oldest professional puppet theater in Croatia. For seven decades, the theater has brought together top artists – playwrights and poets, painters and sculptors, musicians and choreographers, costume designers and set designers, directors and actors. Thanks to their creativity and skill, they have gained a great reputation in Croatia and abroad, which confirms the affection of the audience and the numerous awards they have received at famous festivals around the world.

Today, the theater has about 70 employees of various professions. He mainly makes puppets and scenography in his own workshop. The theater is a renovated building with 212 seats in the auditorium and a technologically well-equipped stage.

The plays are intended for children and their families, kindergarten and school age. So far, the Zagreb Puppet Theater has staged a total of more than 320 titles. Convinced that the technical aspects of the play should not overshadow the words of the play and its message, nor become the sole goal of the dramatic act, the Theater considers it its task to find a balance between the spoken word and the stage spectacle. Some plays are based on the works of contemporary authors, but most are classic fairy tales rethought by prominent Croatian and foreign directors respected in the world of puppetry, known for their work in the theater "for adults". Children are always loved by characters like Little Red Riding Hood, Ivica and Marica, Hlapić or Bambi, who are enjoyed by every new generation of spectators, but with us you can also meet characters or stories that you may not have heard yet – we are sure that children will enjoy, but and their adult companions.

Zagreb Puppet Theater

Ulica baruna Trenka 3

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Matina Tenžera

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