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The Zagreb Dance Center (ZPC) is a central space of contemporary dance in Croatia that supports domestic and foreign dance artists in their creation and encourages the strengthening of a dynamic dance scene and has an important cultural and educational role. It supports various innovative initiatives of the contemporary dance scene, advocating diversity and plurality of authorial visions, and motivates artists, audiences and all interested public to jointly research and reflect on choreographic and other dance concepts.

Main tasks:

* provide adequate working conditions for professional dance artists

* programming of highly professional dance performances and their reruns

* support new trends in art production

* cooperation at the local, national and international level

* strengthen the connection between the dance scene and the cultural public

* educating young audiences with the intention to expand knowledge about contemporary dance by respecting it as an equal branch of performing arts


* Repertoire of dance performances

* Visiting foreign dance performances

* Co-productions with local professional dance organizations

* Residential program for Croatian and foreign dance artists

* Program of professional morning trainings and workshops

* Coreospectrum program, intended for young choreographers

* International cooperation and exchange

* Audience Development Program and Audience Engagement Program

* Educational program, dance classes for the general public

Located in the very center of the city in Ilica 10, the building of the former Lika cinema was reconstructed into a dance center in 2009 according to the architectural project of the 3LHD studio. The Zagreb Dance Center consists of three studios / halls. The largest hall is also a construction hall, it contains a grandstand with 140 seats and the necessary lighting and sound equipment, it is used for premiere and rerun performances. Other programs such as trainings, workshops and art residencies take place in the other two halls. The media library and meeting space are located on the first floor and are used for other programs, thematic talks, presentations, press conferences and the like. There are also adequate wardrobes with showers, office space, a multifunctional entrance hall and a roof terrace where programs take place in the warmer months.

Zagreb Dance Center

Ilica 10/1

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510