Wurst bar


In the center of Zagreb, on Ban Jelačić Square itself, the first and unique original Austrian Wurst Bar has returned to Fuliranje.

From now on, you can also experience original recipes and flavors of the best Austrian meat delicacies in Zagreb, along with the highest quality mulled wines (Gluhewine) and draft beers (Paulaner, Amstel). But also on Fuliranje.

But in order not to think that you can only enjoy sausages in the Wurst bar, the team recommends a fantastic Austrian stew .


" Because so far people have been thrilled with it, " they said. Go and let them delight you with the stew as well.

Wurst bar

Strossmayerov trg

created by


Matina Tenžera

Tel: 0917361510

E-mail: info@divan.hr