Excess story


After easily arousing the enthusiasm of visitors in the first two years and becoming a top location for excellent mulled wine, excellent brandies and delicious food , "Viška priča" returns to Zagreb's Advent for the third time to tell the story of the most beautiful island in the Adriatic, Vis , and this December it is present at three locations: Strossmayer promenade , European Square and Ice Park on Tomislavc u . , Supplying stories to Advent in Zagreb are: the excess cake, surplus pumice small, white wine tap, 14 top-Vis brandy, hroštule and cviti – indigenous surpluses cakes, energy cake of figs and herbs – defects, orange, limuncini, stuffed figs and Dr. Focus definitely focuses on Vis bread , but also Vis mulled wine and brandy. Why? " Because all these Vis delicacies have a unique taste, " they are short and sweet from the Vis story.

Excess story

Trg kralja Tomislava

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