Villa Prekrižje


Villa Prekrižje was built as a new city summer house in 1942 according to the project of the famous architect Ivan Zemljak, the builder of the most modern schools of Croatian modern architecture in the interwar period.

The villa in Gornji Prekrižje is an example of architectural style that emphasizes the use of elements of Croatian traditional architecture, and the same elements are visible in the design and selection of materials. For interior decoration, a number of local craftsmen and manufacturers ordered specially designed and made furniture in the "folk style": wrought iron lamps, useful textile equipment and decorative pieces of folk embroidery, wooden carved peasant chests and brick stoves with ceramic ovens that mimic their shape. those in peasant houses. The walls are decorated and equipped with works by a number of Croatian artists with themes and scenes from rural life, and the wooden sloping gabled roofs are covered with straw.

Today, the summer house is used for protocol purposes, and due to the accommodation within the complex of the Office of the President of the Republic of Croatia, also for various work activities of the Office.

Villa Prekrižje


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