Also known as the Kiosk, it was built between 1841 and 1843, according to a design by Franz Schücht. The most prominent is the building, the center from which the roads fork, around which the main parts of the park are gathered. It is a stereometric two-storey building 17 meters high, with a square ground plan on the ground floor surrounded by a porch above which is a terrace. The second floor again ends with a terrace and a tower placed along the edge of the northeast facade. All facades are equal. At the corners of the porch are strong square pylons divided by shallow pilasters and two central pylons on each side of the stairs. The corners are masonry and the central ones are wooden. The openings vary in semicircular ends and lunettes separated by a wreath from the openings. The terraces are surrounded by a wrought iron lattice fence. The tower on the third floor ends with a triangular gable. Pylons, pilasters, semicircular openings, a triangular gable, are characteristic of palladium motifs, and Viennese architecture varies in the instrumentation of the facade of the cubically based building corpus. The lookout was renovated by the Maksimir Public Institution in 2002.


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