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Urania – the space of creation

Urania – the space of creation, a space dedicated to creative action, and especially to that which questions itself, society, the world.

As a space of creation, he pays special attention to creatives of all professions, emerging or already recognized, who are socially engaged, and the development of the audience through education and exchange of experiences and opinions.

Urania is a space of accessible, open and constant exchange of information, knowledge and ideas in the field of culture, art, architecture, design and all creative professions.

With its programmatic approach, it places great emphasis on promoting excellence in all areas of human activity, accessibility and demystification of art and culture, and erasing artificially created boundaries between professionals and audiences.

The fundamental value of Urania is the empowerment and creation of the community through the integration of various forms of creative activity, the cooperation of experts and the public, and the opening of opportunities for the joint creation of new value. By creating a new value Urania becomes a space of creation.

The space of creation is led by the association Urania, which was founded with the aim of achieving a high quality of life in society through direct and indirect effects created by solving various tasks in culture and all creative professions.

Architectural studio 3LHD

The association promotes audiovisual, technical and other areas of human creative activity, international cultural cooperation and the promotion of intercultural dialogue, and its values continue on the values and foundations of its founder – the architectural studio 3LHD.

3LHD is an interdisciplinary architectural office, interested in integrating various disciplines; architecture, urban and landscape landscape, design and art. It is based on changing the opinions of various experts, experts in various fields with whom we strive to achieve the highest quality product. This way of working explores the most appropriate concepts and tries to create new values woven into the modernity of the beginning of the 21st century, and has resulted in a series of projects and realizations in Croatia and abroad over the past twenty-five years.

By converting the building of the former Urania cinema in Zagreb, where they located their offices, the founders and partners in 3LHD decided to go a step further – part of the space gets a public function with a clear emphasis on inclusion and activation at the micro level of the neighborhood. -artistic and educational programs.

By interacting and connecting and encouraging education, communication and innovation as fundamental principles in the process of creative creation, as well as encouraging interdisciplinary work and cooperation with related activities, the development of culture and artistic creation is achieved, connecting the community and activating social change.

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