Amazonas Association


The Amazonas Association was founded in 2004. The association was founded for the purpose of encouraging personal development and personal and social change through movement, creativity and cooperation.

The goals of the Association are:

promote cultural and other diversity, tolerance and understanding encourage healthy lifestyles and engage in physical activity and recreational sports encourage the development of creative and social potentials of children, youth and adults encourage social solidarity, enable socially excluded groups to engage and actively participate in community prevent unacceptable behavior of children and young people to promote capoeira and other aspects of Afro-Brazilian culture, to strengthen intercultural cooperation and to encourage the active participation and mobility of young people

The activities of the association are based on the implementation of programs and projects aimed at educating, empowering and increasing the quality of life of children, youth and adults in the local community. Accordingly, we organize activities for active leisure, cultural activities, promote volunteering and involvement in the local community, organize performances, workshops, seminars, festivals and forums. Through the art of capoeira we promote healthy lifestyles, non-violence and peace building. In our work, we are primarily focused on young people and social groups at risk and with reduced opportunities (children and youth with behavioral disorders, people with disabilities, risk groups of children and youth). In order to make our projects as successful and high quality as possible, we cooperate with many associations, institutions and centers in the country, the region, but also in Europe and the world.

Our vision is an open, playful and solidary society.

Our mission is to foster change through movement, creativity and collaboration.

Our values are inclusiveness, transformation and innovation.

Our slogan is 'Find your rhythm'!

Amazonas Association

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Matina Tenžera

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