Kosta burger factory

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A small house on a meadow in which dishes from the grill, according to the recipe of the old masters of Leskovac , is prepared by Kosta Kostadin Stefanović and his team.

Having traveled a good part of Europe and the Balkans, he found his place in Zagreb. "House on the meadow" with a modest appearance, is the place where Chef Kosta Kostadin Stefanović settled down. The restaurant hall with only 7 tables is a place where, in addition to a pleasant, almost homely atmosphere, you can enjoy a high quality Leskovac barbecue .

Although called a factory, our small restaurant is a place where food is prepared the moment the guest orders it and almost everything is done by hand. The specialty of the house is the famous "Leskovac train" which offers you a taste in different flavors and types of dishes that make one portion in price and quantity. The train is served in gangs so that each gang from the grill arrives directly on your plate. Kebabs are the first gang and they are neutral, they are a real indicator of what you are eating because they are made from pure beef that is salted and ground. Each subsequent gang is a bit more spicy than the previous one, so the next dish is a small burger with cheese, followed by a stuffed hanger and finally Leskovac donuts. An unavoidable part is the Leskovac shaker, and there is also "gravče na tavče", as well as a number of salads such as Shopska, rural, mixed and others.

A small but right place for all barbecue lovers.

Kosta burger factory

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